The deeptech revolution

In wound care & suturing

AnCore Technology ®

The COHESIVES AnCore® Technology

Cohesives has developped and patented a disruptive technology for adhesion on humid biological tissue. Contrary to the traditional surgical sealant, the Cohesives’ adhesive got a strong adherence due to its anchoring in the extreme surface of the biological tissue (50 to 100 µm). Made of light-curing monomers, it turns into a solid polymeric film after illumination by UV light. It offers :

A strong adhesion

10 times higher than current surgical adhesives.

A full sealing

The Cohesives adhesive, anchored in the wound bed, creates a synthetic skin substitute which retains biological fluids. Thus, the Cohesives adhesive avoids collection of exudates onto the wound, enabling an optimal environment for the healing process.

AnCore® technology offers an unseen adherence on biological tissue

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Therapeutics fields

Wound care

The Cohesives UV light-curing sealant adhesive is designed for both complex wounds (burns or chronic wounds…) as well as simple wounds (skin cracks, cuts…). It’s an innovative anchoring solution on biological tissue, efficient, easy-to-use, discrete and with a long-lasting stay.

Surgical Sealant

The Cohesives UV light-curing sealant adhesive is meant to strenghten and seal all internal surgical sutures. It replaces usual treatment, significantly reduces the frequency of care and saves money.

Our realizations

COHESIVES, the company

During his 10 years of practice in general and cardiac surgery (University Hospital of Lausanne and Grenoble), Bertrand Perrin regularly faced the inefficiency of the available surgical adhesives.

Based on this observation shared by his colleagues, he undertook in 2010 a PhD in Life Sciences at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) entitled “Study of the adhesive properties of surgical adhesives”. Bertrand discovered that their inefficiency is explained by the fact that their adhesion is limited to the desquamating surface layers of biological tissues. Bertrand then put forward the idea that to be effective, a surgical adhesive must anchor itself in the surface of biological tissue. Bertrand has since collaborated with the polymer chemistry laboratories of Bordeaux-Pau University (Prs Eric Papon and Christophe Derail) and Mulhouse University (Pr Jacques Lalevée) to develop, based on this idea, the first true surgical adhesive able to anchor itself in the extreme surface of biological tissue. In 2014, COHESIVES was born.

Step by step, pre-clinical trials showed conclusive results for wound healing, allowing a growth in Cohesives development portfolio. Louis Blohorn joined Cohesives early 2021 as associate, investor and managing director.

Our researchers partners

Our prizes and certifications

The ISO-13485 certification

Bpi-France I-Nov Contest award (A french scheme financed by the France-2030 plan designed to select french innovative project with a particularly strong and high economic impact)

Rapid DGA program prizewinner (Scheme to support dual innovation) initiated and financially supported by the Army General Direction.

The Cohesives Team

  • Bertrand Perrin
    President and founder

    Bertrand founded COHESIVES in 2014 after completing his Ph.D. in Life Sciences at the University of Lausanne, where his thesis focused on the study of adhesive properties of surgical glues. Prior to this, Bertrand had worked as a cardiac surgeon for 10 years at the University Hospitals of Lausanne and Grenoble. Bertrand holds a medical degree from the Catholic University of Louvain.

  • Louis Blohorn
    Managing director

    Louis joined COHESIVES in June 2021 as the Chief Executive Officer. In this role, he brings his experience in entrepreneurship in the innovative Medical Devices sector, which he gained during the 9 years when he co-founded and led SONALTO. Louis is a graduate of EM Lyon and worked for several years at prominent audit firms.

  • Patrick Goudot
    Marketing Director

    Patrick joined COHESIVES in June 2021 as the Marketing Director. With 37 years of experience at a European leader in Wound Care, he is responsible for defining the Marketing strategy and Customer Listening for COHESIVES’ innovations. Patrick holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Nancy and an MBA from EM Lyon.

  • Pauline Châlons
    Project & preclinical Director

    Pauline joined COHESIVES in early 2018. With a dual background in Biology and Innovation Management, she serves as a project/product director and contributes her expertise in pre-clinical studies to various projects.

  • Stéphanie Carre
    R&D & Industrial Director

    Stéphanie joined COHESIVES in 2022 as the Head of R&D and Industrialization. She brings her project management and industrialization skills, drawing from her two decades of experience in various chemical industries.